About us

Dev Rubber Factory Pvt. Ltd. (An ISO 9001:2008 certified company) was founded in the year 2009 and started production of Butyl Tubes in December 2010. In a very short period of 2 years, Dev Rubber Factory Pvt. Ltd. has carved a name for itself in the Butyl tube market with its complete range of Butyl tubes offered for replacement and OEM market. We have nationwide distribution network to make our product available in all markets.

In the year 2011, Dev Rubber Factory Pvt. Ltd. started production of Butyl Reclaim of superior quality at its state-of-the-art plant at Bijnor, UP. It is the most modern plant with latest machinery and best technical personnel to produce approx. 4500MT of superior quality butyl reclaim annually and the plant is undergoing expansion to increase production to a total of approx 9000MT/annum of superior quality butyl reclaim. Doubling of installed capacity in just few months into operation is testimony of our capability to produce superior quality butyl reclaim, and the trust our customers have reposed in us. We are also capable of producing Natural and EPDM reclaim and produce the same on specific demand of our customers. We are already supplying our butyl reclaim to the leading names in the industry and shall soon be exploring the international markets for our products.

Quality & Research & Development
Dev Rubber Factory Pvt. Ltd. Is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, and we strictly follow the management practices that are defined under the certification. At Dev Rubber Factory Pvt. Ltd., we have always believed in producing quality goods at reasonable price. Quality is an uncompromising standard for us. Proper checks and balances are in place to ensure that right raw material is used, best production practices are followed and qualified technical persons are employed to produce the right product.

We have fully equipped laboratory to ensure that only the right raw materials go into production. Production of Butyl tubes is a delicate and highly controlled process. Requisite properties are achieved only when processes are followed as defined. High tensile strength and low ash content are pre-requisite to produce superior quality butyl reclaim. Therefore, at every necessary step, checks are made to ensure that all is going as planned and production quality is never compromised at any stage. Our qualified technical personnel are in continuous R&D mode to make quality of our butyl tubes & reclaim ever superior to our counterparts elsewhere.

Our Market
In just a few months time, we have demonstrated our ability to produce superior quality butyl tubes followed by butyl reclaim at competing price so much so that we are expanding our tubes production capacity and are into 100% capacity expansion mode of butyl reclaim within few months of going into production and shall soon be able to produce approx. 9000MT/annum of superior quality butyl reclaim. This is testimony of the trust our customers have reposed in us, which has enabled us to register impressive growth within this short period. Apart from our high value Indian clientele, we shall soon be expanding our horizon to export our products worldwide.

Having written about what we do, we, at Dev Rubber Factory Pvt. Ltd., aim to be recognized as a leading producer of superior quality Butyl tubes and Butyl reclaim, and be recognized as a quality producer for both products, and by recycling, we do our little bit in ensuring that this planet is little better and safer place to live in so that our future generations can appreciate the grandeur of this beautiful place called our mother EARTH.